9.5 Best practices

We have some best practices when developing for Integrated, or developing applications based on Integrated.

Bundle structure

  • Store brand-related code in your AppBundle, for example your datafixes (which contain the implementation of content types and relations) and your theme in the AppBundle.
  • Store application logic in separate bundles, with reuse for other applications in mind.
  • The use of Integrated relations is recommended to connect bundles. Because relations are not administrated in code bundle separation is a lot easier in this way.
  • If it is useful to use a bundle without Integrated, try to avoid dependencies with Integrated core bundles
  • Try to avoid bundle dependencies in general


In general

  • Use XML mappings (in preference to YAML and annotations) to be able to choose between ODM or ORM (now or later)
  • The developer weighs in what is best for the situation
  • Try to avoid relations/dependencies between ORM and ODM
  • Always keep the performance in mind


  • Data with a volatile or dynamic structure
  • When storing different objects in de same collection is preferenced


  • Data that has a solid structure
  • Data that always need to be kept consistent
  • Data that needs the use of transactions